Château Marotte – Bordeaux Mellow White Wine

Centered in the Bordeaux region, in Cantois, our wine production has continued for five generations with the highest respect given to our terroir and to the development of our products.

The Vinyard

Region : Bordeaux, Haut-Benauge, France
Vineyard Area: 1ha (2.5 acres)
Grape Varieties: 100% Sémillon
Method of cultivation: Integrated farming, pruned using the Guyot single method, leaf removal, green harvesting, 2 sortings of the harvest.


Direct pressing
Fermentation: temperatures regulated: 15-18°c
Production in vat: carried out in underground thermo-regulated vats
Annual production: 6600 bottles.


A sunlit yellow color.
An intense and complex toasty flavor of quince and honey combines to bring much pleasure to the palate. Due to the botrytis, a full bodied flavor is present at first taste which is heavy on the tongue and results in a delightful toasty aroma.
A true combination of boldness and freshness.