The vineyard


The MONTAGNE family started producing wine in 1890.

Honoré MONTAGNE possessed 3 hectares (7.5 acres) across the commune of LADAUX in the heart of The Coteaux du Haut Benauge, a region situated between both the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers.

Robert MONTAGNE and his wife Emillenne arrived at the property in 1939, at the time when wine production spanned 20 hectares (49.5 acres). In 1962, with the arrival of Jacqueline MONTAGNE, the daughter of Robert MONTAGNE, and her husband Bernard ALIS, wine production increased bringing the number of hectares in 2002 to 46 ha (113.7 acres).

In 2003, the continuity of this family owned wine-producing estate is assured by Sébastien MONTAGNE, nephew of ALIS’ wife J. MONTAGNE, who succeeds his ancestors with the wisdom passed on to him with the highest amount of respect given towards the methods of wine elaboration. Today, wine production spans 50 hectares (123.5 acres) and extends over 5 communes: LADAUX, CANTOIS, MONTIGNAC, ARBIS, BAIGNEAUX.

Centered in the Bordeaux region

Centered in the Bordeaux region, in Cantois, our wine production has continued for five generations with the highest respect given to our terroir and to the development of our products.

The village is located 25 km from ST EMILLION between CADILLAC and TARGON. Our vineyards extend over 5 communes through the predominantly clay and limestone land of The Coteaux du HAUT BENAUGE..

For many years, the varieties of grapes that constitute the base of our products have all fully adapted to our sunny microclimate as well as to our soils. For white wines, Sauvignon covers 70% of our vineyards, Semillon covers 15%, and Muscadelle covers 15%. Our red wine production is essentially composed of Merlot 70%, Cabernet Franc 20%, and Cabernet Sauvignon 10%.

Our wine production covers an area of 50ha (123.6 acres) of vineyards of which 35ha (86.5 acres) are devoted to red wine and 15ha (37 acres) to white wine.

Our annual production is around 500 000 bottles.

From the vine stock to the bottling and the commercialization, we produce all of our products ourselves.


Honoré Montagne, winegrower in Ladaux.


Robert Montagne, Honoré’s son, and  his wife Emilienne take over  H. Montagne’s.
5ha (12.4 acres) of vineyards.


Purchase of the Château in Cantois.


Jacqueline France Montagne and Bernard Alis spead wine production covering 20ha (49.4 acres).
The wine is sold in bulk.


Bernard Alis develops  the bottling process and sales start to individuals in France.


Purchase of the Domaine de Lauranceau.


1st exportation of wine to the United States.


Wine production spans 32ha (79 acres).


Arrival of José Esteves as head of cultivation.


Wine production spans 46ha (113.7 acres).


Arrival of Sebastien Montagne who suceedes and carries the surname of Jacqueline and Bernard Alis.


The vineyards cover an area of 50ha (123.6 acres).


Development expans with exports to (Netherlands, Germany, USA, Asia)