For decades we have always given the best of our ability to elaborate and improve our high quality products by working rigorously in our vineyards and by taking great care in our wine production.

For this we have combined our age-old traditions with new technologies to achieve irreproachable results for its value for money.

This is why we also take special care in the conditioning and packaging of our products.

We always use the most noble and resistant of product for the conditioning of our range of wines.

We work for this purpose with our renamed suppliers. Saint-Gobain Emballage (bottling) Cork Supply (corks), Smurlanit and Seica ( cartons and packaging materials), La B.C (bottle tops), Laulan (labels).

In our production, we use a top choice of natural corks, traditional bottles (heavy), or for our fine wines (extra heavy), and highly resistant cardboard boxes ( double grooved: resistant up to 30 – 40 kg).
The bottle caps are made of reinforced aluminum, and the labels are made of cromcot with an off-set quality print.
The pallets which are of EUR or VMF type are all treated to the NIMP 15 standards and they are packaged with plastic sheets (30µ) or for exportation with retractable covering (120µ).
Cardboard packaging angles are also placed in the corners of all the pallets to assure the protection of the cardboard boxes during transportation.